Sneak Peeks

Bella the Samoyed – Sydney Dog Photographer

Here’s something everyone loves: Puppy photos!

Meet Bella, a super cute, hyperactive pup. Look at that happy face!

Bella’s owner specifically ask for a photo of Bella sitting, it took us sooo long to get Bella to stay still long enough to get a shot, she just don’t like to stay in one place for longer than a second! If Duracell is replacing their bunny mascot Bella would be the perfect candidate. Here she comes again!

We want to get a few shots by the lake, I was hoping Bella won’t jump in, but as soon as I had that thought she slipped and disappeared into the water! She wasn’t expecting that too and had to be rescued by her owner, poor girl…

At least she settles down a little after a “swim”…

… not for long tho!

Thanks Bella for a fun filled session, I’m sure you’ll sleep soundly tonight!