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Thanks for visiting us at Bark in the Park! – Sydney Pet Photographer

Thanks to everyone who visited us at Bark in the Park this year!

Wow, what a day! The weather was perfect, lots of doggies and their human. Obbie was working very hard being the ambassador, busy greeting other dogs, getting belly rubbed, I did caught her sleeping during work tho! By the end of the day she was completely worn out.

We look forward to meeting you all again!

PawPals Photography is coming to a city near you! – Sydney Pet Photographer

PawPals Photography is coming to a city near you! – Sydney Pet Photographer

I’ll be going on a road trip this September, the destination is still not set (probably from Sydney – Alice Springs or Cairns), if you are interested in getting a photo session for your pets and you don’t live in Sydney, here’s your chance!

Shepherds Shepherds! – Sydney Pet Photographer

I had the opportunity to doggie sit Musty the German Shepherd for a week, sadly it was overcast most of the week, but thankfully it cleared up on Saturday afternoon, so I took both shepherds to the park to get some photos.

My German Shepherd is 4 years old! – Sydney Dog Photographer

Time flies so quickly, I can’t believe Echo is 4 already. Happy Birthday!

Summer is around the corner – Sydney Pet Photographer

How can you tell summer’s coming? For me it means I find Echo by my feet in the morning instead of next to me under the blanket, waking me up an extra hour early everyday, balls of fur rolling like tumbleweed whenever there’s a slight breeze. She is starting to shed and the FURminator really helps, but it’s still coming off like it’s never ending!

When the weather gets rough… – Sydney Dog Photographer

You don’t need perfect weather to get great pictures. Sure, a nice beautiful sunny day with blue sky is great, and obviously no one feel like going out when it’s pouring bucket loads (even tho the dogs would love to) But when a storm is coming, you look outside and it seems like the end of the world is here, well… you can get some nice pics as well.

This is Echo – Sydney Pet Photographer

It’s been a while since I took Echo out for a walk more then just around the block because she recently had a surgery (nothing major, just a hysterectomy). But last weekend the weather was nice, and her constant begging and never-ending-attention-seeking by nudging my hands away from the keyboard finally won me over. She’s half naked with no fur on her tummy, I just don’t want her to get sick in winter. In the end I lost to her “Pleeeeease, take me out for a walkie” look…