Sneak Peeks

Bella the Samoyed – Sydney Dog Photographer

Here’s something everyone loves: Puppy photos!

Meet Bella, a super cute, hyperactive pup. Look at that happy face!

Ben the Jack Russell x Pug – Sydney Pet Photographer

Ben’s owner is another lucky PawPals pet photography gift certificate recipient. There’s a great beach near his house so that’s where we headed.

Ruby the Toy Poodle – Sydney Dog Photographer

Meet Ruby. Her owner want to get the photos taken in her home so it’s more personal. And what a princess Ruby is!

Loui the Maltese x Chihuahua – Sydney Dog Photographer

Loui’s owner got a pet photography gift certificate from a friend, and so I got to meet this hyperactive, 6 months old Maltese x Chihuahua, just by looking at the photos you can tell he’s a non stop fur ball!

And he can’t seems to keep that cute puppy tongue of his to himself!


Neo the Pug – Sydney Pet Photographer

Kristen from Sydney Pet Sitters ( wants to update her website with better photos, so she asked me to photographer her dog, Neo. He’s a very good looking pug, front cover worthy in my opinion 😉

If anyone is looking for a good dog sitter in the lower North Shore area, give Kristen a call!

Shepherds Shepherds! – Sydney Pet Photographer

I had the opportunity to doggie sit Musty the German Shepherd for a week, sadly it was overcast most of the week, but thankfully it cleared up on Saturday afternoon, so I took both shepherds to the park to get some photos.

Sally, Lucy, Tinkerbell and Kenzo – Sydney Pet Photographer

Margaret was lucky enough to score a pet photography gift certificate for Christmas, and so I have the opportunity to meet her pack: Sally, Lucy, Tinkerbell and Kenzo. I had to make sure I got photos of everyone, all of them posed nicely 🙂

Snowy the Maltese – Sydney Dog Photographer

This is the smallest dog I’ve photographed, Snowy, a two months old Maltese puppy, and wow, she’s like a little furry rocket, never stopped for more then a couple of seconds. Look at her pounce!

Sid the King Charles Spaniel – Sydney Pet Photographer

This is Sid, a 6 years old King Charles Spaniel. Sid has a heart condition and his owner wants to get some professional photos of him before he passed away. I always feel really bad and sorry when owners tell me stories like this, but it also make me realise how important the photo session is, to capture a very precious memory of their beloved pet.

Jazz and Minnie – Sydney Dog Photographer

I’ve donated a pet photography gift certificate as a raffle prize to a volunteer at ARCAS earlier this year, and Bernie was the winner. It turns out to be the perfect gift.