Sneak Peeks

Jazz and Minnie – Sydney Dog Photographer

I’ve donated a pet photography gift certificate as a raffle prize to a volunteer at ARCAS earlier this year, and Bernie was the winner. It turns out to be the perfect gift.

Meet Jazz and Minnie. Minnie the foxie has a heart condition and they’re not sure how much time she has left. We went to their favorite park for their photo session.

I really like the color of Jazz’s shiny golden coat, she’s got a really cool trick too: grabbing a ball and a stick at the same time, can your dogs do that? 🙂

Because of her condition, Minnie is a little slow and doesn’t want to run around as much.

I have to say Jazz is the star of the day, always have the nicest expressions!

It was great to meet you Bernie, hopefully Minnie’s condition improves soon.

Edit: Unfortunately I just got the news that Minnie passed away on Thursday, Bernie you have my deepest condolences…