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Shepherds Shepherds! – Sydney Pet Photographer

I had the opportunity to doggie sit Musty the German Shepherd for a week, sadly it was overcast most of the week, but thankfully it cleared up on Saturday afternoon, so I took both shepherds to the park to get some photos.

Musty turns out to be a great model! Apart from Echo, she’s one of the best dog to photograph with. The sun was setting, Musty and Echo were having fun, and it was a fabulous afternoon to spend time with the dogs.

I had some of these photos printed, the feeling when you look at an actual print, in your hand, is SOOO much better then looking at a photo on the computer monitor or TV. We are in a digital age now and most people look at photos on their screen, however the feeling of holding an actual photograph of your loved ones in your hands will never be able to be replaced by looking at them on electronic screens. With the photos in my hands, marvelling at the beauty of the dogs almost bring a tear to my eyes!