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Summer is around the corner – Sydney Pet Photographer

How can you tell summer’s coming? For me it means I find Echo by my feet in the morning instead of next to me under the blanket, waking me up an extra hour early everyday, balls of fur rolling like tumbleweed whenever there’s a slight breeze. She is starting to shed and the FURminator really helps, but it’s still coming off like it’s never ending!

There are no place better then the beach when the weather is warming up. The dogs love it and it’s perfect for photos. Too bad she doesn’t swim. I tried once to get her to fetch a ball which I throw into the water, but she just stood there with a “what do you want me to do? You go get it” look. Well… I can’t swim either, so we watched the ball slowly drifted away, until a 4 year old kid walked pass and got it for us… Embarrassing…

But anyway, she still enjoy going to the beach, chasing the waves. Enjoy the photos 🙂