Welcome to the new PawPals Photography website!


Finally, it’s live! Welcome to the new PawPals Photography website!

It’s been a work in progress for several months. Everything have been completely redesigned from scratch, even our logo!

And since everyone and their dog (literally) have Facebook these days, we’ve made a Facebook page too.  You can click on the Facebook icon at the bottom right of every post, or go to

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There site is still not fully finished yet. We’ll continue to refine it over the next few months, as well as import all the previous contents. If you find anything that’s broken, such as links, photos, pages, error message etc, please let us know! Click on the contact page on the left and use the form there (hopefully that works) or send us an email.

We really hope you enjoy our new website, any feedback, comments or suggestions are always welcome. Love to hear from you!