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When the weather gets rough… – Sydney Dog Photographer

You don’t need perfect weather to get great pictures. Sure, a nice beautiful sunny day with blue sky is great, and obviously no one feel like going out when it’s pouring bucket loads (even tho the dogs would love to) But when a storm is coming, you look outside and it seems like the end of the world is here, well… you can get some nice pics as well.

This is what I saw when I came home yesterday afternoon. I knew instantly that I had to take Echo out for some photos too. What makes it even more fun is when the dogs go hyper while everything’s flying around: leaves, branches, sand, dust, it’s hectic! The wind was so strong it nearly knocked me over a few times. Then it started to rain a little. To be honest I did thought about running back to the car, but it wasn’t raining *that* badly. I guess I was rewarded for getting my lens and camera wet when the rain stopped and the sun came out a little just in time to set, this is definitely better then your average sunny day!